Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vogue Korea: St. Tropez

As I awaited my flight at Incheon International Airport, I couldn't help but to indulge in a little "reading material" to get me through 6 hours of layover leisure.  In my rush to feed my need for fabulous fashion, I snatched up what I thought to be the latest issue of Vogue.  Indeed, what I had purchased was Vogue July 2010, but Vogue in English, it was not.  My "reading material" turned out to be eye candy since translator I had not, and my Korean extends to hello, thank you, and cheers- all three of which are very necessary on a daily basis.  Despite the language barrier, I fully understood what Vogue Korea was trying to tell me- Brigitte Bardot had a twin, and she was fabulously Asian.

There you have it, the first of four utterly fabulous editorials I want to share with you.  What do you think?  3 more countries to visit with Vogue Korea.  Gun Bae to that, loves!

Note: My scanner is a no go so the pictures I'm sharing I found here.