Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Betty Badass

Tonight's activities consisted of catching up on one of my favorite series, Mad Men, followed by browsing a few of my daily Cup of Te reads. I stumbled across a "Mad Men Yourself" app here, and I couldn't resist Betty-fying myself especially since I always die over how fabulous the cast looks in their 1960's get-ups .  Although she's quite unpredictable and moody, I find Betty Draper to be particularly bad-ass in the scene when she nonchalantly busts out a shotgun, cigarette in mouth, and unloads on a couple of pesky birds all on her manicured front lawn, and of course looking smashing all the while.  Would you ever?! How's that for housewife?  Who would you be?  Sultry Joan?  Park Ave Princess Trudy?