Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I just slathered caviar on my face...

As of late, sleep has escaped me, stress will not leave me, and if I'm being entirely too dramatic for my own good, I must declare that I'm suffering from adult acne.  Bobbi Brown concealer, which I swear could cover up a tat, seems entirely useless when compared to the more appealing option of a brown paper bag.  I stood, looking in the mirror last night, wondering what I needed to avoid said bag, and frantically searched my drawers for some kind of solution.

(You see, I haven't broken out in awhile and so was ill-prepared for the latest situation.)

I found the first Sephora sample I could get my hands on.  Hmm, Skin Caviar, sounds lush

I immediately busted it open and proceeded to generously slather the contents all over my face.

Luckily it instantly gave my skin a radiant, healthy glow versus a rash because only after did I decide it to be a good idea to look up this so-called Skin Caviar and why exactly I put it on my face without prior research.  Just as promised, "From the moment of application, your complexion will look radiantly alive..." 

Ahh-maze-ing.  A product that actually does what it says.  

Instantly I made up my mind that the little tub of miracle cream was going to be mine...until, I saw the jaw-dropping price tag...$390 for 50 ML and $710 for 100.  Really?  Can I live?!  Looks like I will be passing on the caviar and ordering Olay.  At least until my preciously preserved sample runs out.
bananas. said...

YOWZA that's expensive!!! and correct me if i'm wrong...aren't you supposed to eat that stuff? lol.

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