Saturday, August 21, 2010

Food Adventures: Weekend Brunch

Last weekend, a girlfriend came to town for a fabulous weekend in.  Yes, I said IN.  For those that know me, weekend and "in" do not usually go in the same sentence, but as pertains to most, things do get old.  So instead of pouring copious amounts of booze down our throats and dancing our asses off, we centered our weekend around eating as much as humanly possible.  We spent our civilized Friday night catching up over take-out tuna rolls and a few glasses of wine al fresco.  Feeling wonderful on Saturday morning due to our restraint the night before, we decided to throw together a fantastic (champers free, for once) brunch.  I love brunch!!   So with Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes (it was only fitting) as our soundtrack, we made sweet Banana Pancakes and savory Eggs Benedict!  What's your fave brunch menu, loves?

As far as the rest of our weekend in, the soundtrack somehow went from Banana Pancakes to SHOTS at the Irish bar down the street.  At least we tried. :)

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bananas. said...

weekend ins can be some of the best weekends...specially when they include jack johnson, banana pancakes AND eggs benedict.

you're my kind of girl! :)

Ricademus said...

That's a picture of a great breakfast. During the week, breakfast doesn;t really interest me. But on the weekend, brunch is a favorite. I'm in a crab omelette phase now, but I like eggs bendict, french toast, pancakes, fruit salads, crepes, muffins, waffles...well, I guess it's clear I like brunch.

It's only Monday! After all this brunch talk I don't know if I can wait until the weekend. Would it be bad if I had brunch for dinner tonight??? =)

Islandia Lane said...

haha I LOVE it! sounds like exactly the same things we 'try' to do ;-)
and I love that pic - the bananas in hearts - too cute.

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