Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Inspiration {Fashion Week Spring 2011}

In Fashion Drawing 101, one of our very first assignments was to create a croquis book full of our fashion sketches and all things from which they were inspired.  On each page I created mini mood boards bursting with magazine tears, fabric swatches, paint chips, and anything that would take to rubber cement or a staple.  During my very first critique of said croquis, as I cowered in fear (keep in mind my first degree was in Business Management) my professor, Ms. Sugar, concluded that I "should've grouped all these together instead," "should've cut this one out this way instead of that," "should've tried just a little bit harder."  Although she meant only the best, I couldn't help but to scream (in my head of course because I had no desire of committing fashion suicide during my first week at Parsons), "I thought this was my. personal. inspiration. book!!!!!"

As we near Fashion Week, I will spare you my personal croquis pages and share inspiration from the designers à la Spring 2011 that not only you, AND Ms. Sugar would rather see, but that is also much more inspiring!!
 {Marchesa "Orientalist"}

 {Charlotte Ronson "Adorn"}
{Yoana Baraschi "Desire"}
 {ADAM "Romance"}
 {Bensoni "Electomagnectic"}
 {Chris Benz "Pop"}
I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see the above inspiration come to life and march straight out of the designers' dreams and onto the runways!  Days away!  What inspires you lately loves?

To see more than just my random edit, see here.
PearlsAndGreenTea said...


I'm in love with everything on the Charlotte Ronson board! Love!!

When I was in the PI this past July, we went to Cebu! We used to vacation at the Shangri-La there every year in Junior High/HS days and we went back with our fam for old times sake. Maybe I'll post on it sometime.

I'm going back again November. Any plans to go back? So you still have a lot of family in Cebu, I'm assuming since you go back frequently?

Amanda said...

Hey, Roxy...
...this is my first-time visit to your blog [clicked on bAnana's link to you]...and it's adorable.
You have some really great reads: "Love Men" and the "Skinny Bitch" scare...[haven't looked at meat the same since i read it...].
This collage post is really awesome too.
If you visit my present-day blog [I hope to revamp it for 2011] you'll see some of my collage-spirations...some fashion-based, some not.
Anyway...I'll be reading regularly.
Happy Tues!!

the chirpy bird said...

Yes yes and more yes! Absolutely fab!
xo tash

Alicia Lund said...

I love these mood boards! Such great inspiration. I enjoy making collages of my own for inspiration now and then. ;) great blog!

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