Friday, December 3, 2010

My Weekend Cup of Te!

Via Club Monaco's New Blog Culture Club!

My lovelies, I realize I have been quite delinquent in posting my linky link Friday Cups of Te, but you see between my most important birthday and certainly a fave holiday (Christmas without the distracting presents- just family and food!), I have dropped the ball and for that I have searched even higher and lower than usual to deliver a super fun Cup of Te full of the unique and unexpected- So enjoy and have a marvelous weekend! x's and o's, Roxy

pssst, just thought you'd like to know I collect these links from all around the web and from you my lovely readers!

I'm seeing spots, but I think that's Anna Wintour!

And I thought my Hello Kitty Band-aids were cool

Sit in your bookcase. No, really.

Leave your print

Festive Christmas cocktails just in case your house turns into a Griswold family christmas

I would get as much enjoyment out of this chair as a 5 yr old

Speaking of adore is this baby seal?!

A wedding gown fit for a princess, err, maybe a disney princess

My new signature necklace and you might as well throw these in too!

Wouldn't you fancy a romantic rendezvous here?

A French classic with a twist

This little guy's Christmas present

Kumquat, Kum-what?

Nars Schiaparelli and Urban Decay Zero. Who are you?

Adore her crazy cool style

A photo diary after my own heart!

Would you pay the price to be city slicker cool?

Directions to develop star style blogger status

A darling gift guide!
Alicia Lund said...

Fun to go through and check out these posts I missed throughout the week! Thanks for the little recap ;)

Amanda said...

I love the second-to-last link: how to develop star style blogger status! Haa haa!

P.S. -- I felt SO bad when you commented on my BLOG about your USB getting stolen! WHO WOULD STEAL THAT?? Craziness! :P

meg fee said...

i love that kate spade necklace: cheers, indeed.

and the zara evening wear is swoon-worthy (as is your blog, as always)!

thais said...

love lori danelle's work. hoping some day I will order my own print. lovely list ;)

Staci Edwards said...

Love that image of the tea pots! So cute!

mina said...

Thanks for including our Grand Central Station photos! xo.

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