Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom and Good Luck, Sis

Left, right! Left, right! Playing dress up at the Royal Palace in Seoul this past summer

I'm pretty sure Royal prison guards don't have this hard of a time standing at attention!

Today is my fabulous mother's birthday and my darling baby sister's first collegiate tennis match. I'm on the entirely wrong coast, but I'm thinking of them today. Happy Birthday, Mom and Kase, I'm so proud of you! I love you both very much!
Behind the Lashes said...

Awhh Happy birthday to your mom and Good luck to your sister!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Momma Te and good luck KC. Miss yall! Rox call me when you get back in the same time zone. xoxo

Anonymous said...


Best wishes to them both!

Gosh, don't cha just love moms and sissies??!! *beaming*

Deanna Pai said...

Happy birthday to your mom and good luck to your sister! The picture of you guys dressed as guards is absolutely hilarious. So cute! :)

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