Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little help from the Mrs.?

 To the indispensable Mrs. and stylist extraordinaire,
I'm writing you in hopes for some advice debonair!

You see, at month's end there is a fete- oh, c'est chic!
I must look daring and dashing, it is a fab frock that I seek!

From the east to the west, first impressions shall be made
I must dress, yes! My best! I've got no time for charades.

Through press and pr, news and photos will be spread,
of the soiree, in its glory, via world wide web!

So while chin-chinning slash cheers-ing, I want to sparkle and shine,
like a star of a show, the light of the lime!

Alas! Mrs. Oh-marvelous, please style me out head-to-toe
But the piggy bank must not break, a minor deat you must know.

Enchante dear Mrs. and Merci beacoup in advance!

Mrs. Cup of Te(a)

What is this you might ask? Well before attending the Rue party, I sent out an s.o.s. to the dear Mrs.Lilien in case she might have advice c'est chic for my party attire. She has been quite the busy bee so did not have time to respond and by this point, I've another event to attend! By ill, uncontrollable forces, my lined up dress is no longer lined up, (Sound the sirens! Fashion emergency!) so to all my Mrs. Cup of Te readers, I'm extending this to you! What would you wear to a charity gala? It's at the private residence of a certain celeb so think Hollywood glam! 

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hehe you are too cute!

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