Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bright & Bold

Camilla Belle at the Gucci and RocNation Pre-Grammy Brunch at Soho House
Pairing more than two bright colors together versus balancing them with neutrals can get pretty tricky, but Camilla Belle pulls of this exotic color combo with a touch of gold and lots of style. She makes what can very easily look like a crayon box exploded bold, sexy, and chic. Did you really expect any less out of Gucci?

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samantha ramage said...

so prettttty. gets me right in the mood for some sunshine!

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Anonymous said...

love it -- she is beyond chic!


Samantha said...

Looks very summery.

Michaela said...

I really love her in this, she has just the right colouring and look to pull off such a bold style!

Anonymous said...

Bright and Bolg for sure, girl!

...and speakin' of...have you seen Miss Leona Lewis lately??!!

Check it:



Anonymous said...

^^^Haa haa! Bolg??? I meant bold. DUH.

Lady San Pedro said...

Love that!

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