Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No. 16 and No.17

Blair and Emma all trousered out!
No. 16 Wear more trousers. 
Rolled, skinny, or wide leg. Grey, white, dark, and light. I do so very much adore my blue jeans and am beyond guilty of wearing them on the daily. I'm ready to mix it up and Blair from Atlanta Pacific and Emma Roberts in Jenny Packham are prime, stylin' examples as to why you should too. So menswear, but yet so feminine, and over the top lovely.

A fitting with YSL
No. 17 Rekindle it with my tailor.
Everyone should have one in their address book. Fit is totally key and all store bought clothes are going to be made to fit the average. Ever notice how the Sartorialist lists their go-to tailors? Yep, take it from the experts. And since I'm a teensy bit below average height, my new trousers are going to need the help of my awesome tailor, Rosa, who unfortunately I haven't seen in months. Shame. on. me.

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Jin said...

I LOVE trousers but I need to find a comfortable pair....any suggestions????

Gorgeous Glam said...

I like the first two looks, very chic! xo

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