Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Seoul Style Files of an American Expat

Did I tell you that the AE of SSF made it home just in time for Christmas? He only had 6 days state-side and before he hopped his plane back to South Korea, he added Seoul to my weather app on my smart phone. Lately it's been reading single digits on the reg., which seriously makes me want to cry for him and the whole city, and since everyone is dressing anti-hypothermic he decided to shoot headwear.  Seems as if the streets of Seoul are all pom-pom'd out! What would you be wearing in near sub-zero temps? I think I'd go all incognito like the last pic!

p.s. Notice banana man hanging out on the bottom left hand corner of all his pics? He has a new blog called Banana! The explanation will make you laugh out loud ;)
Anonymous said...

Love all the beanies!

Ashley said...

Those pom poms remind me of my days living in North Dakota! YUCK! Hopefully it will warm up in Seoul, soon!

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