Monday, February 7, 2011

Side Note- Why you should follow me on Twitter...

In all honesty, I didn't really get twitter until as of late. I actually had a recent "moment" that involved an exasperated sigh entirely too loud for what is appropriate in the workplace, hands thrashing wildly in the air, the throwing of a phone, and a slamming of a drawer- all because I couldn't figure out how to turn off Tweet Caster. I swear I'm not crazy, but the buzzing of my phone at every last tweet is a little more than I can personally handle.

It's not particularly sounding like Twitter is good for one's sanity, but it really is a great way to gather information and connect to other "tweeps" in seconds, that is if your phone doesn't stream updates. Anyways, the point of this seemingly gratuitious side note is to say that Twitter is how I found out about Kelly Wearstler's fabulous new blog, (and if we're even a little bit on the same page, which we technically are because you're reading this now, then you'll understand how monumental this is) and it's how I instantly spread the word by tweeting it. Don't you want to be informed and connected? You know you do ;) Click here!
Natalie said...

As much as I've tried, I cannot get into twitter! I need to jump on the band wagon though-- what a great find! Her blog is gorg!

Navy Bean said...

I too have only just recently figured out twitter. However, once I found out what @, # and RT were it made much more sense! :) I blogged about it today:

Will have to check out Kelly's her!

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