Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Wickedly Pretty

Devilish, no? 

I have seriously wanted coveted the Tom Ford Whitneys since the day they made their market debut. To me it's like the Aviator to Ray Ban, the quilted 2.55 to Chanel, the trench to Burberry, I could go on forever, but you get the picture-  so. necessary. Despite this longing, years I tell you, it's edgier cousin, Nico, stole my heart this past weekend while I tried on the Whitneys for the umpteenth time.  I've been drawn to all things "wickedly pretty" lately so maybe this too shall pass, but maybe not ;) Would you?
samantha ramage said...

how embarrassing i have never heard of these sunglasses! what did you end up buyinggggggg??


Anonymous said...

Her hair is gorg and love his bowtie!

Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne said...

Those are seriously wicked! I would love to see you in a picture with it... you would rock those shades!

Alexa said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

lawrence said...

i can't stop looking at his eyebrows. i love how they match the pointed edges of her glasses.

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