Thursday, November 10, 2011


"We need to treat our apartment like storage space," Alan said to my instantly horrified expression. You see, we are faced with the challenge of squeezing our lives (and my shoes), into an itsy bitsy city space.  I simply refuse to clutter up our precious space and instead am entirely hell bent on jamming in as much style and functionality as possible without having to give up too many necessities-- you know purses, furs, my china, beloved fondue set, and the life-size panther statue on my to-buy list.
You see! It can be done! Small space, good design. 
The image above shows much much walking space we have around our bed, after downgrading from a queen to a full. Cramped, you say? I say conducive to snuggling! I forgave him for his (ludicrous) comment, besides he was probably just frantic from the amount of space just my closet could take up. I'll show him that a little organization can go a long way.
I've been pouring over photos such as these to stock up my arsenal of small space, sick style solutions and also in hopes to hush that sneaky voice inside my head telling me I can't do it. I have my doubts, but I pray that I can pull it off. Nick Olsen (for House Beautiful) in this case is my patron saint. 295 square feet...
...magic, I tell you! My sprawling space, Southern soul needs a bit of help staying on track so I've also got a bible (a few) to help me transform standard small NYC rental to city heaven.
Do you have small space, big style tips? Do share, darlings...before the Mr. turns our place into 1-800-Storage.

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The Peak of Tres Chic said...

I feel your pain in glamorizing small spaces. Trust me, you can do it! When I lived in my first tiny apartment, I went through the same process you are. It's important to make the most of your small space by utilizing wall space, bed side tables, etc to showcase your style. I had to sacrifice with less furniture and more pretty little things. I know you'll find a way! Apartment Therapy is wonderful, as well as Domino's book. Good luck, dear! :)

Lily said...

That first bedroom looks so cozy !!


Jin said...

our space is super tiny and we only have ONE closet. I hate clutter but I have no where to store my things. I can't wait to see how YOU decorate your place!



Shannon said...

Living in a one bedroom highrise condo is fabulous but the space issue is always on the mind...especially when you have a husband that is just into style and fashion and I am! Everytime we have to purchase furniture it ALWAYS has to serve several purposes. From hidden storage in all of our foot stools to under the bed organizers. We constantly talk about will be never ending.

Didn't mean to be such a Debbie Downer!lol

Ginger said...

Ikea always has GREAT ideas for small spaces, plus you cannot beat the price of their storage options

Maybe you can get some inspiration from here :)

Aly Debbas said...

Ikea is amazing for small spaces... I totally agree with Ginger. I went and scoured every nook and cranny of the place to try and find different shelving units and things for my 3 closets in my apartment. I actually found great options in the children's department - all really versatile and simple!

Maximize your under the bed, and check out the storage gadgets that the container store has - and don't underestimate your creativity GF - I know you will come up with some beautiful ideas!

Sometimes small can be done up even more perfectly than a big space.

Good luck!

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