Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I shrieked with delight when I discovered Alan, thanks to his wonderful company, gets in free to the MET! FREE! Free to one of the most amazing museums on earth. Saved us $100 and shot to the top of my list as weekend past times!
A and I on the steps of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art!

I shrieked again when I discovered all the beautiful impressionist paintings on the second floor--they even had a fave, Rousseau!

And one more time, a shriek when I discovered a new fave. I really love how Umberto Boccioni uses staccato brush strokes (I read it. Trying to get all cultured and stuff ;) to layer color into the most beautiful paintings. What do you think?
Beautiful, right?
Do you have a favorite artist? I'd love to know!
joanna said...

Just so you know for the future--all prices at the Met are suggested so you can get in for 1 dollar, you just tell them you what you want to pay!
And Ive been loving all your NYC themed posts lately fyi! Hope this helps!!!

carriekinsella said...

LOVE that you posted about the MET, i went there with my mom and she had no interest in ANYTHING geeezz it sucked, i need to go back again so i can enjoy the paintings. and what joanna said is true, all prices are "suggestion" only :)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Loved the NYC Met. Fabulous place to spend time at.

Lilacandgrey said...

ahh the MET one of my faves!

Kind of a MAJOR giveaway on Lilac and Grey today!

Anonymous said...

How fun! The Met is awesome.

Lately, I love Vuillard and Bonnard (love the textures and patterns in their interiors).

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