Saturday, December 3, 2011

Travel killed the Tree

With me traveling almost 3 weeks out of December and Christmas now being a bi-state affair, it looks like I will not have the pleasure of dressing a tree. I was reminded of this as I was putzing around Apartment Therapy and stumbled upon several creative alternatives. While clever and most inventive, I just couldn't quite get excited about not having a tree.
We've never been the type to buy one of those crazy tinsel-ly whites one, or even an artificial one at that, and the absence of this tradition is making me quite nostalgic! I love the rich smell of pine and ornaments glittering amongst the twinkle lights.
I'd love to know what you do when such "tree-less" years face you. Doesn't Febreze have some kind of Christmas tree scent to help ease the pain? ;) Below- Alan and I on a more traditional, less travel-ridden year!
{Wall tree & Christmas tree chandelier via Apartment Therapy}
Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Very cute. You don't need a tree to feel christmas-y.

Kelly said...

I've heard that Febreze is ah-maz-ing! I always hang a Yankee Candle "Balsam & Fir" Car Jar from my rearview mirror (yummy goodness).
Have happy travels!


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