Friday, December 2, 2011

Scale, darlings.

One more inch and that my friend is a bed. 

Scale, scale, scale. While I would love nothing more than to have this big daddy lounger in our new place, it would leave people asking "Would you like any room with your sofa?" This is a sore topic. I begrudingly gave in to the Mr. who insisted like the world would be over if he didn't get his way that we needed a monstrous (okay, I exxagerate, but I'm bitter) sleeper sofa.
I agree we will have guests galore considering our location, but it's totally throwing me, even if it is covered in the pretty metallic fabric that I picked out. Everytime I see an adorable more peitite piece, this happens-*Le sigh* I'm pretty sure Alan wants to trade out his presh sofa at this point ;) Have you won, or lost if you're me, any decorating battles lately? Let's lament together.

Small space lover like me? Totally loving these tips by Apartment Therapy, especially no. 10!
samantha ramage said...

in my old apartment that i shared with my cousin and her bf, and my now husband- we left the sofa picking to them and they came up with the UGLIEST, biggest U-Shaped green sectional that made our victorian beautiful apartment look super heinous. so glad that thing is out of my life! i called it the green monster!


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