Monday, January 16, 2012

The Better Legging & Zooey Girl

Do you sometimes find regular cotton leggings to be too thin? Well I found this "Pixie" that I can only describe to be not quite a legging and not quite a pant. It's ponte. A double knit that is a great mix of softness and structure and thicker too for staying warm this winter! Do you own a wardrobe staple that I need to know about?

On a totally unrelated note, did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night? It was fun to chat and follow along on Twitter!  I didn't have a stand out favorite as far as fashion, but I was loving how stinkin' cute Zooey Deschanel was and always is.
I'm such a fan of her not-take-myself-too-seriously attitude. It's positively refreshing!
Nikki Rappaport said...

American Apparel has these "winter leggings" that are thicker and so warm. Don't think they'll turn see-through after a few washes!

Nicole said...

I was just going to gush over American Apparel's winter leggings as well! But it looks like Nikki beat me to the punch! They are awesome!

PinkCoffie said...

Hmmm, never used those "winter" leggins.. the normal ones worked fine for me, even when it's freezing outside. I should try I guess... warmer for sure ;)

Much love, XOO

- Urska @

Girlie Blogger said...

Nice leggings. They are too important for winter.

Cute polish. They look fun.

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