Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

Finally a collab that doesn't make me want to vom. (A-hem Versace for H&M.) $19.99-$59.99. Available from February 5 through March 6th. Come to mama.
Unknown said...

Oh my! SO pretty! The sheer nude with tough black I am all about!
I saw the Jason Wu for Target previews -- what do you think?

Shannon said...

Since my husband runs a Target store I have always been loyal. Recently I have found that my closet consists of A LOT of Target brands. I made a deal,with myself that I wouldnt abuse my husbands discount anymore but this collection will be breaking that deal for sure!


mina said...

i've only been in a target twice in my life and they've never had any of the nice clothes that people always post about. ho hum.

Behind the Lashes said...

I would gladly camp outside a target for this collection if it wasn't so damn cold outside hahaha. I'm crossing my fingers that here in the suburbs they don't know who Jason Wu is LOL

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