Monday, January 9, 2012

Kate Middleton Turns 30

Leaving your twenties doesn't seem so bad if you're Kate Middleton. Maybe it's her not soon to be forgotten McQueen wedding gown, but I just adore her in lace! She wore this Temperley London stunner to the London premier of Spielberg's War Horse over the weekend. I'll take 30 and princess status any day!

And just for fun, photos of other iconic royals at the age of 30 courtesy of Huffington Post.

Princess Grace Kelly, 1959

Princess Margaret, 1960
Queen Sofia of Spain, 1968
Queen Elizabeth, 1956
And Princess Diana, 1991
{Will & Kate via Bauer Griffin}
The Peak of Tres Chic said...

Kate is such a beauty! I agree- she wears lace so well. I think I am gonna have to pin this pic so when I turn 30 I can remember how good it can look- LOL!



walking dot photography said...

Oooo, agreed! I wish I had some fancy party to go to that would require me wearing such a lovely and long dress!

Lily said...

She looks gorgeous !!!


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