Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Picture Book

Alan and I had a wonderful weekend around the city. We were out as much as possible, and it was just the thing to get my mind off things! Brace yourself for the longest weekend picture book ever! First stop Saxon + Parole in Noho.

We met our friends Cindy and Adam who have been Manhattanites for years. They are never short of a good laugh and are always full of suggestions for tasty cocktails and fantastic eats! Saxon + Parole serves up classic cocktails, some with a twist.

We caught up over a variety of noteworthy tipples... old fashioned, g & t's, a few celery gimlets later, then we were off to stop number 2, Peels. Just a short walk from Saxon + Parole, the restaurant is, according to, located "on a tricked-up stretch of the Bowery, which is fast becoming lower Manhattan’s answer to the Champs-Élysées."

Cool points for sure, but I think we were most excited about the southern offerings! For the table, a round of fried chicken! Unlike the picture (courtesy of it came atop a serving of sweet potato mash. Sweet southern goodness y'all!
After-dinner drinks took us to the Black Market, stop number 3, but who's counting? I have to praise Cindy and Adam for their ability to seek out the best of NYC as the cocktails were amazing. Alan opted for a Russian Roulette that all made us feel like we were out ordered, but I really can't complain as the table boasted just as delicious old fashioned's and gin concoctions.
Not quite done with the night we headed to a sister joint and number four, Cabin Down Below, which is literally in the "basement" below Black Market. I was immediately a fan, but it must be said I'm a sucker for a good "speakeasy" type venue. The lighting was most flattering, think flickering candle light, and the crowd completely hipster. Thanks to our dates, we were even permitted to a section of the bar that entering can be hit or miss depending if the Olsens decide to make an appearance. Fittingly so, we wrapped up a fantastic NYC night with a little bubbly!
On Saturday I was entirely excited to have an afternoon date with Naomi Stein of Design Manifest! You've probably seen her digs on Design Sponge (holy awesome), and I'm so excited to be working with her in decorating our new place. We met at the Ace Hotel, but due to the huge crowd of like-minded day drinkers, we went from the lounge-y lobby to the adjoining oyster bar. Then gin happened after something like, "I'll drink if you drink." Peer pressure is the best.
We've exchanged many emails (lots of good stuff to come!) so it was a delight getting to meet. I love Naomi's sense of humor that comes through on her blog, but it was even better in person! I feel super lucky to have found someone who really gets me and is equally fun to work with. Here's a peek of the textiles in "my file!"
After what I consider to have been a successful first date, Alan and I meandered around the city in weather that felt more like Fall than early January. It was an absolutely beautiful day that ended with dinner at one of our regular Italian spots in Chelsea and a fast becoming habit of puppy playing. I feel like I'm soon going to break. She's ness, right?
Sunday bought brunch and more walkabouts, but I probably lost most of you 5 minutes back so if you're still with me, I'll leave you with the hope that you had an equally refreshing weekend and a wish for a fabulous week to come :) 

{Restaurant photos courtesy of, eater.ny, Saxon + Parole, and Peels.
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That restaurant looks SOO amazing. I am going when in NYC in Feb!

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