Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Weekending!

TGIF y'all! I'm headed deeper South to watch my sis' first tennis match of the season. I'm so proud of little miss college athlete! It's also mom's birthday weekend so there are lots of festivities planned. Last year I wasn't able to join them because I was guzzling Patron (for a good cause, mind you!) here so I'm doubly excited to celebrate!! 

pssst, what do you think of my new Society Social pillows? There are lots more here! We had such fun shooting. My brother does all my official photography and I absolutely love being a brother and sister team :) If you want, you can check out his blog here!
The Peak of Tres Chic said...

I love all the new pillows, Roxy! I am headed over to the shop to check them all out. Have fun this weekend! :)

thais said...

these pillows are awesome - and I love all the pictures of you - so much fun!! you brother is a great photographer. have a sweet weekend =)

allergic to vanilla said...

OMG these pics are so cute of you!!! Great pillows by the way!!!

x Carlina

Samantha said...

You look adorable in your stripey skirt.

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