Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Picture Book

It was such a gray weekend in the city but signs of spring are still all around. Half of the trees on our street have sprung forward while the other half are at least thinking about it. This quaint house is across the street from our apartment and is the only one of its kind plopped right in the midst of mundane apartment buildings. I always wonder who lives there as I pass by. Isn't it darling?

We didn't let the "meh" weather stop us and on Saturday we tackled house errands. We're finally starting to feel settled again after what seems like a year of moving about! While we were out, I almost got hit by a tour bus. (Sadly, typical) I rewarded my near disaster experience by popping into the cutest little bakery shortly after. Macaroons for me and cocoa caramel stroop waffles for Alan!

We finally hung my custom drapes! I'm extremely excited about how they turned out. The silk drapes I wanted were almost $300 for two panels (not in my stars) so I took this inspiration picture to Mood here in the city and bought 6 yards of golden yellow goodness for around $50 dollars! The drapery lining was only about $3/yard and my Ms. Janie who is always the best with helping me with my DIY projects worked her magic. She made the Euro shams you see in the picture too!
We took date night to a homey Italian restaurant right around the corner.  We keep trying to find a closer option to our fave in Chelsea, but every time we find ourselves wishing we hadn't traded out our go-to Bolognese. Thank goodness the company always makes up for it :)

And lastly, a few more touches to make our house more like a home! I can't tell you how obsessed I am with  the Voluspa candle tins.  I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging! Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! 

Gabriella said...

Adorable photographs- the drapes look fantastic! Love that color.


Lemanie said...

Ah, you did make the most of this dreary day! I live so close to Manhattan but alas I have never been to Mood!! I have to go!! =) Ooo macaroons!! Love the old tins too!

Lemaine's Randomness Blog

Lindsey Suggs said...

Love love love the drapes!!!! I've been searching for just the right yellow for a year or two now. Looks like you found a great option. Mood seems to never fail!

allergic to vanilla said...

Fantastic drapes!! The color is perfection, and so you! Glad your ok after the tour bus incident! ;)

x carlina

Jin said...

I love your drapes. I'm looking to have some made for my apartment too.....Do you know of any seamtress here in Charlotte?

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