Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Picture Book

Some slow walk action at the corner of Irving and 20-something

Alan said, "Are you going to make enough for everyone?" as we slowly woke rounding off around 23 hours of sleep between Friday and Saturday nights. It's been hot, icky sticky hot. Everyone ate an entire Grimaldi's pie. Then everyone spent hours in a shop because I think it had the best AC in the Flatiron District. Everyone emerged cooled, into the humidity, with an armful of new books that Alan says we won't be able to read in the park, for fear of melting, until October. I made enough for everyone. 4 eggs, half scrambled for him, half over-easy for me, and peanut butter toast for the two that was everyone :)

Disclaimer regarding the lack of pictures in the "picture book:" Frankly, I'm tired of seeing my face everywhere, I'm currently suffering from adult acne that I don't feel like fixing in Photoshop (guilty as charged), and it was just too effing hot. ;)
Unknown said...

You're too funny! I think you look gorg in all your pictures! Hope you had a great weekend!


Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

Ha! my weekend recap post had a similar theme, it was too hot to instagram!

Caitlin C. said...

You are hilarious! And yess it is way too hot outside right now. Hope you had an awesome weekend! :)

Julia D. said...

You're too funny!

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