Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Day Candles

"AM 10:52 Jazz Brunch: 24 hours and counting until Monday morning -- pass the mimosas...Smells a Pimm's cup with extra lemon and a fancy cucumber garnish." 

How cute is that product description? I've never bought a candle online unless it's already a favorite go-to, but I can get on board with a cocktail candle. I imagine it would be citrusy-cucumbrous and fresh, just like my favorite cocktails! I think I would also go for "PM 2:36 Windowsill Gardening"...since as you would have it, the backyard is a maybe, "one day" thing for this contented city dweller :) We burn a candle at our house almost every day and most recently thanks to a thoughtful surprise Christmas gift, haven't been able to get enough of the cozy scent of Wood. Do you have a favorite?
drew elizabeth said...

I love candles & almost always have one burning! I get a few new ones each season!

Julia D. said...

Those descriptions are so cute!

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