Friday, January 4, 2013

The Best French 75 I've Ever Made

Last month Jessie invited me to come in as the entertaining expert at her fun-filled workshop. Of course first on my agenda was to get everyone toasted :) with my favorite cocktail. I've been serving the French 75 as the tipple of the house for years but this little twist is something that has changed my contrivance of cocktail concocting- forever. Blue Print Juice Yellow 2, fresh juiced, 100% natural, raw: lime, ginger, lemon, and agave. Substitute for pounds of hand-squeezed lemons and homemade simple syrup... comes with a complimentary serving of lime, ginger, and good cheer for the busy, vivacious hostess!

p.s. Blue Print (our awesome sponsor) has made its way into my libations but their line of juices is great for cleansing too!
p.s.s. Make it a double! I won't tell ;)

{Recipe design by Adrienne, Photo by William Klein Vogue Paris 1958}
drew elizabeth said...

oh my that sounds amazing!

Maria Larsen said...

Ooh! I would never think to use juicing for part of a cocktail, but this sounds fabulous!
xo, Maria

Dana said...

MmmmI love French 75 and that juice... I'll have to try combining them!

Julia D. said...

ALWAYS make it a double. Anything with champagne is worth a try in my books.

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