Sunday, January 6, 2013

Swinging at the Park Avenue Armory

Last weekend Alan and I went to Ann Hamilton's installation at the Park Avenue Armory. We love trying new things together; New York really has it all!

 I didn't expect to spend as much time there as we did, I figured a few rounds on the giant swings and we would have our fill of childlike excitement, but 3 hours later...
...we found ourselves just enjoying the entire experience around us- swinging, chatting, quietly sitting and observing the countless interactions, laying down under the billowing silk, swinging again, listening to the laughter. There was something so peaceful and calming about it all. Today's the last day, if you live in NYC I highly suggest it.
p.s. It was kind of hilarious seeing oblivious patrons try to walk the length of the cavernous hall forgetting there are over 40 moving swings to dodge. Man down...ha! If you attempt it, just remember to stay out of the light ;) Have you tried anything new lately? I would love to hear!

"When the swings are in action, the curtain, made of a lightweight silk twill, rises and dips, and the air is stirred, causing further billowing and fluttering. The swings, which are clearly not built for small children, are wide enough to accommodate two, or sometimes even three, adults or adolescents...people swung singly and in pairs, slow and low or higher and faster, often with helpful pushes from friends. The air filled with sounds of glee punctuated by cellphone rings, which actually sounded great in the general hubbub." - The New York Times
Maria Larsen said...

Seeing people post about exhibits like this makes me really wish that I lived in NYC! Hopefully after I graduate, I'll actually be able to move there and spend a lot of time in the museums and at exhibits like this. It sounds like y'all had a really great time though. xo, Maria

Jin said...

this looks so cool....I want to swing! It looks like you and A are having a blast in NYC!!

xo, jin

Julia D. said...

I've seen a couple blog posts about the installation and I'm not even sure I still quite understand it, but it seems really cool and I'd have loved to have seen it. Reasons to live in NYC!

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