Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to Black

Monday feels right for an all black outfit. Somehow it always helps me (aside from gallons of coffee) get back to business after a weekend of painting the town r.e.d. ;) It also serves as the perfect backdrop for some of my favorite red & pink lipsticks. Do you have any get back in gear tips or tricks? Happy week y'all!

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Maria Larsen said...

Sometimes all black is absolutely perfect. On Mondays, I try to wear my comfiest back to business clothes in hopes that it'll motivate me to get some work done. Have a great week. xo, Maria

Julie Leah said...

There's no outfit more chic than one of all black pieces. Love.

Happy Monday, sweets! xx

lydia {ever ours} said...

can't really ever go wrong with black! love your picks!

Julia D. said...

Caffeine and slow, enjoyable Monday mornings are my thing.

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