Monday, April 15, 2013

Collecting Part II: Jane's Menagerie

Based on your comments from this morning, I'm not the only one who loves to decorate with charming little creatures: Tiffany loves her brass deer, Carlene & Stella display a brass crab, McKenna & Christine have an entire menagerie while Chloe would love tigers galore. I love that we're all on board!

Here's more animal kingdom inspiration, the lovely Upper East Side apartment of Jane Lilly Warren, if you're looking to collect your own zoo, too! 

The Elephant

The Cockatoos, two!
I count 8 friends here. What about you? 
Elephant number two and a lobster... tail ;)
The Poodle
The Lion
And sweet closet elephant, number 3.

{Matchbook Magazine March 2013, Photography by Courtney Apple...again:}
fabulouspetite said...

i love love the decor and the pics. So inspiring, really !


Julia D. said...

Loving all of the elephants!

Christine said...
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Unknown said...

Love this, it's the Where's Waldo of the animal menagerie! That poodle lamps is stunning, thanks for sharing!

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