Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Picture Book

This gorgeous weekend was full of celebrations-- many a toast to the breaking of winter and a bride and her bridesmaids went from brunch to garden to rooftop to bottoms of bottles:) We started at Cask, one of mine and Alan's favorite neighborhood restaurants. We always bring our friends here for the warm ambiance, delicious food, and perfectly mixed cocktails.
With two hours to kill before an appointment at a bridal boutique, I turned to another neighborhood fave, Cannibal, where an outdoor garden strung with globe lights and dressed in climbing ivy made for a charming afternoon spot.
We parked it at one of the long, communal style picnic tables, enjoyed the sunshine, and of course opted for a delicious bottle of rosé, or two:)
Once at our appointment, the beautiful bride, who is also my sweet cousin Ann, was quite decisive so we were in and out in hardly an hour. Ann expressed wanting a vintage, romantic feel to her wedding so we tried on dress after dress of flowing floor length chiffon gowns-- my kind of afternoon!
The bride and her sister, both my Te sister/cousins :), Nisha and Mae, both old childhood friends of the bride, and myself -- excited to have found the one so quickly!

After we checked off the business of the afternoon, we decided to keep the party going since it was a beautiful day and, why not? Rooftop cocktails, anyone? By midnight and a few more stops, we made our way down the island of Manhattan and found ourselves in the West Village at The Otheroom where we ended our eventful day.

Sunday has been sunny and slow, just how I like it. Alan and I went for a stroll around the neighborhood and paid a visit to our little Kip's Bay Farmer's Market. I feel rested:)
Hope your weekend is coming to a wonderful close! See you this week! 
Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! You look just gorgeous in that dress, by the way. Rooftop cocktails make any weekend a guaranteed success :)

Julia D. said...

I love the dress you're wearing!

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