Friday, June 7, 2013

What do you know about your name? What does it sound like to other people?

According to NameVoyager, (I'm not sure how I found myself on there, maybe it was after mom thought it would be funny to stuff a 10lb watermelon up my shirt), here are a few tidbits about "Roxanne"-- 

-Peaked in the 1950s (Alan, too!)
-Greek/Persian meaning "Dawn of Day" (this makes me smile)
-Roxanne's often get sung "Roxxannnnnnne" by The Police (this does not)
-The name of Alexander the Great's Wife and Peter Pulitzer's, husband of the Lilly Pulitzer, scandalous  sex-driven, tabloid star ex
-Main character in "Cyrano de Bergerac" (my namesake and also my mom's middle name-- my grandmother was a lit professor and loved the play!)
-To most people Roxanne sounds sexy but not very friendly or young

What do you know about your name? Plug it in here and report back! Besides, it's Friday, the brain is fried, and a little mindless fun never hurt. Right? :)

Lilacandgrey said...

all i know is my name means "dear"

Roxy said...

Shall I start calling you dear, my dear? :)

Anne said...

So fun! Anne means "full of grace" - not sure why I never really thought to ask about my name meaning before?! But, I like it! My mom always makes these little comments like "That's my grace under pressure..." and I always thought well why the hell didn't you name me Grace?! *smacks forehead

colleen said...

Colleen is Irish for girl, but it's never used there as a name, just an American invention! Seems like it peaked in the 1960s.

What I found funny was that namipedia users have a hugely negative reaction to it! No love for Colleens.

Anonymous said...

michelle peaked in the 70s and means "who is like god." and i get sung "michelle" by the beatles all the time. not so fun.

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