Sunday, October 20, 2013

Life Lately...As in the Past 5 months

I took some personal time this summer to spend with family and friends. (Can you believe it's already October?) There were so many happy celebrations and SS happenings that I knew if I tried to do it all I would end up crazed, dazed, and all of us would be extremely confused.

My brother, and Society Social photographer, is a married man. First in Seoul...

Alan and I tried airBNB for the first time and I highly rec. We stayed here and saved so much money and still got to stay in the heart of Gangnam,  one of Seoul's most upscale neighbs. Yes, like "Gangam Style," the song. It is a place! We relished being tourists, and did things we would never ever do in New York. We are locals and too proud, duh.
After the reception which ended early,we did something different, the fam picked up beer, wine, and snacks and had a picnic on the gorgeous Han River. It was a beautiful breezy summer night with twinkly city lights and stars serving as the backdrop!

...then they got married (again!) in the Philippines. Go bro and my sweet new SIL!

My sis and I designed our bridesmaids gowns and an up and coming Filipino designer brought them to life. We like to call it a "modern hanbok." The flowers are hand-painted directly on the gown! Mom wore a traditional Filipinia gown. I hope one day I have a fantastic excuse to do the same. 

My brothers, sister, new SIL, Mr. and I hosted my mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary and I cried my eyes out giving my speech.

Mom and Dad renewed their vows on a bench that has now served in me and Alan's wedding, my brother and SIL's wedding, and hopefully my younger brother's and sis' weddings one day too! 

Dad serenaded mom and then they danced like no one was watching. They work so hard, to see them let loose and enjoy the most important things in life makes my heart swell. 

Alan Dale was forced to participate in our family's ballroom dancing craze but between breaks I danced with my brothers. He is thankful for them I am sure.

There was so much family time and I was the happiest. Pablo, the newest member to the Te family, was too. His tongue, his cute tongue. He also owns the biggest ferns of any puppy I have ever met.

MOH duties included planning a Palm Beach Chic bachelorette. (Alan took the same weekend for the groom's bachelor's trip!) The trip wouldn't have been complete without lots of Lily and cocktails at the Breakers. All in all, it was a weekend for the books!

The hotel Eau Palm, formerly the Ritz Carlton, upgraded us to the royal suite so all 8 of us got to stay together. We had cookies, french fries, and creme brûlée out of coconuts (?) late night. Needless to say, the grounds and service were A++.

The weekend after a NYC bachelorette, my best cousin friend and crew took to the streets of Manhattan on a mission. We stayed at the Eventi even though we are all local. #yolo The weekend ended in watching the sunrise and somehow we made it to brunch after literally dancing ALL night BOTH nights. We are champions, but I did not feel like a champ come Monday. I felt like death and far from my early twenties.

In between there, SS celebrated it's 2nd birthday by moving into a new studio space in...(drum roll) Manhattan y'all! My studio mates gave me the sweetest welcome including cupcakes and champagne.

...Alan and my family helped me move in when all the furniture finally arrived. I am nearly 30 but having my family around makes me so relieved and calm. Are you supposed to grow out of that? I am not sure. 

Then Palm Beach bach got married in the most darling mountain town. The backdrops were stunning. It feels like their engagement weekend was just yesterday!
It was truly a special wedding as the bride and groom are two of me and Alan's best friends. We felt so honored and happy to be a part of all the celebrations...

...and throughout the year we've had a wonderful time hanging with the bridal party. It really was such a fun group. I miss everyone already! (The wedding pictures which turned out so beautiful are by Buffy Dekmar!)
New York bach got married at the fanciest wedding I have ever been too. An intimate wedding in the Yale Club library followed by cocktail hour on a rooftop overlooking Manhattan and dancing all night in the grand ball room. 

My cousin Anna and I grew up together and I can't explain how happy I am for her. We waltzed around Grand Central in our fancy dresses and became a NYC tourist attraction. I am positive we are in random tourists' vaca albums.

I made my way to Charleston for a cocktail social thrown just for SS and had to pinch myself. The space had so much SS I died. Yes, that is all Society Social!

My family and I made a road trip of it and I got to meet so many sweet customers of mine including Sarah who you should def visit and my stylish friend Chassity who helped me pick out my oufit! I can't thank Laurie and Charleston enough for the warm welcome. Here are more pics from the party if you want to see!

SS NYC officially launched. (!!!) It is one of the biggest things to happen in my professional life, and adult life in general, and for those of you who have been following along since the beginning I'm sending big hugs! My sweet family came all the way from NC for the event to celebrate and to help pitch in for the prep. Don't they always? Gosh I love them so much! My studio mates and I threw one heck of a party. The turn out made us feel like lucky ducks. Here are more party pics if you want to see!
I feel like my feet have not touched the ground for a hot second during the past few months, but when they did, Alan Dale and I made the most of it :) The fall weather in the city has been stunning and we've been hopping from park to park and spending as much time outdoors as possible before it gets frigid!

I'm so excited to be back and I'm definitely looking forward to more regular posts! (and can a girl get some down time?! Maybe one day. phew.) I hope y'all have been so wonderful! Talk soon!
Lindsay, XO Lindsay said...

Too many good things wrapped up into one post. Congrats on everryyything!!!! Glad you're back to blogging. :)

Joanna said...

I'm a long time reader but don't think I've ever commented before but needless to say I'd really missed your blog so I'm so glad to see you're back! and congratulations on all the wonderful personal and professional developments!

Anonymous said...

wow, so many fun and exciting things! i am glad life is amazing. ps the picture of your parents dancing is the cutest thing i have ever seen.

Quiana said...

SO happy for you Roxy and a pleasure meeting you at last at your studio launch. The dresses you designed for your brother's wedding are simply stunning. What a beautiful keepsake!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

what an exciting time!! So many milestones and of course a beautiful family included everywhere. Love it!!

Julia D. said...

So excited that you're back, Roxy! Sounds like you've been kept quite busy with some amazing things. Congratulations on Society Social NYC!

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