Tuesday, January 7, 2014

3 Polar Vortex Activities

This morning a friend emailed me explaining her London town friends are stranded in New York one more day, "What's to do in the city when it's this cold?" Well my darlings, for one who loses her marbles when sitting still for too long, I was ready with 3 cabin fever fighting/cold avoidance activities.

1. Great Jones Spa. $50 gets you a day pass to enjoy the soothing sounds of a 3 story waterfall and all access to a healing water lounge. Luxuriate in the toasty thermal hot tub, river rock sauna, or chakra light steam room, dip in the cold plunge pool then kick back with your favorite glossies and a complimentary cup of green tea... à la Alan Dale. You will forget it is 11 degrees out. I promise.

2. Two words...Hot Toddies. Out of the 8 listed, I think I would go for The Marrow's Black Forest Fire, a spicy hot chocolate with mezcal, cherry heering, and cayenne pepper. Gloves off, hot chocolate down!

3. Comedy Cellar to end the day. It's mine and Alan's favorite club in the city. Ben Bailey made a surprise appearance last time we were there! Located literally in the basement of a building which means small and cozy. Laugh your tukas off while keeping it warm at the same time.
Who's ready to come out of hibernation with me? Do you have any cold weather avoidance activities to suggest? I would love to hear what you do to stay warm and entertained!  

{Last two pics via The New York Times}
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