Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Super Cool Sofas & My Latest Color Crush

Ever since touring this fabulously eclectic bungalow, I haven't been able to get cool blue sofas (and a bigger apartment!) off my mind. We live here now, and while I love how cozy we've managed to make it, what girl doesn't dream of a little redecorated upgrade ;) and at the very least some natural light! If we ever happen to meet and I'm over-bronzed, you'll know why. I get ready in a cave.

For now I will daydream of a sprawling light-filled apartment and hopefully one day soon one of these heavenly sky blue sofas floating amongst the rays of radiant sunshine!

Sofia Coppola's Nolita Apartment in House and Garden
Alexa said...

Gorgeous. The color of that sofa is so soft and calming.

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