Saturday, February 27, 2010

...the smell of salt on a Carolina shore

The Dockhouse in "downtown" Beaufort

Good morning from beautiful Beaufort!
I'm hanging out "downeast" with my best sister friend Amber! We roomed together all through college and have made it a point to keep in touch despite the distance that comes with growing up. This afternoon we are going to a shower on steriods (I swear its hosted by 25+ people) to celebrate her upcoming wedding! Yay! Congrats Ber!!!

Most of you know Beaufort from Nicholas Sparks novels (whose highly romanticized version is right on the money even in reality) and the movie Message in a Bottle, but I'm lucky enough to have gotten to know this beautiful, historic little town on a personal basis- thanks to my Beaufort "2nd" family and the SBYC aka Shackleford Banks Yacht Club ;)

I know these pictures will never do this quaint little town justice, but I've had the best times here, and if I can share even a little bit of it with you then my mission is accomplished!

Have a wonderful weekend darlings! xoxo

A typical day in Beaufort...

To be able to see the water from your back porch *sigh*

Time slows down here... (k, will this house do?)

An early morning on the intracoastal...too early to head to the shack!

Pitch the tent on Shackleford Banks, pop open an ice cold beer (tasty 'n' refreshing!), and it's time for a clambake!

If you're visiting in October, you can't miss the NC Seafood Fest in nearby Morehead City- mmmm

Frolicking in the sand and waves of SB and next thing you know...
wild's absolutely breathtaking!
Sun-kissed and satisfied..time to take the boat in and enjoy the sunset :)
Edith said...

Beautiful pictures and so glad you are here to celebrate with Amber!


Stunning Images!!! Love the skies.

Amber said...

So glad you were here to celebrate with me and the rest of BFT. I love the images you found and of course that last one is from our amazing dock! Love it! Hope you did too. See you in 4 weeks!

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