Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's raining here...

It's raining here and the droplets cascading down my window have made me unusually aware that I've always been exceedingly generous with my umbrellas, in the city that is.  Undoubtedly doling them out like food for the hungry or medicine for the sick at the first inkling of poor weather ahead.

One for the subway for always getting me to where I was going, albeit inconsistently.
One for the classroom where I could feast on fashion, rather than derivatives of under grad's past, until I was stuffed to the utmost with all things stylish.
One for the bar that kept the half priced cocktails flowing when I found the city to be a pin ball machine in which I was the pinball dizzily barreling in all directions at once. 
One for the dressing room in which I discovered my all time favorite (and fabulous if I might add) funnel neck trapeze winter coat.

I never seemed to mind, especially in that place, going without an umbrella and for that matter the rain.  It's kinda like that quote that goes something like...Going about under an umbrella interferes with one's looking up at the sky.  I kind of agree- unless it's monsooning out, after hours, and I'm lost in the deserted financial district- don't you, loves?

{Image via my favorite Rodney Smith}
LindseyEveryday said...

I have like 4 umbrellas haha. One in my car, one I keep at a job, and two in my house.. overkill? Yes, quite possibly. I'm having a giveaway btw, you should check it out!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

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kara lynn said...

beautiful! and really now days there are so many different types of beautiful umbrellas i almost want to get some sun umbrellas!!

oh and p.s. your photo is lovely!

Jaymie said...

I love this image.

Thankyou so much for the lovely comment really made me smile. I do indeed sell my artwork and do commisions :) if you would like to discuss one don't hesitate to email me on jaymie89(@)

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