Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Friday!


Hi loves! It's Friday!  After almost three weeks straight of being away, I'm finally enjoying a weekend at home.  A and I are going out to dinner tonight (temps are supposed to drop to the upper 30's, should I bust out my fur vest?!) and ALL day tomorrow I'll be in top secret training, which I promise to tell you about later! Maybe on Sunday I'll get to sleep in for once and by the good grace of God maybe, just maybe my fantasy football team will pull through with a W! What are your weekend plans? For now, here are a few posts that are definitely My Cup of Te!!

After seeing Olivia P. pull off sick leather leggings, I will be ordering a set of these

Not your average shoestring

Next time I make pasta, I will require anyone who partakes to don the following through the entire dinner.

Conversation starters if you're trying to do more this weekend than just shovel cocktails while dancing your ass off.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Designer pumpkins!

What my kitchen looks like when I attempt to bake

God Bless America

When trendy crosses the line to inappropriate

I don't own one, but I need one.

Cat Eye. Yes, please.

Forget a magazine subscription, how about a weekly fresh flowers subscription?

A frugal and fabulous Halloween

Where do your dreams take you, loves?

I'm over the TB gold wedge, I want these
christine, just bella said...

It's fall, who cares about the weather - WORK that vest!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Hanna said...

These cups are so funny! And you have a very lovely blog!

Melissa said...

Those designer pumpkins are too funny. Have a great weekend!

Natalie said...

You have the best linkypoos!


Love those cups! Have a wonderful time out tonite and a great weekend. I'm heading out on date nite too and think I have to bundle up a bit too :)

thingsIlove said...

The cups are so cute!

noemi said...

beautiful cups :)

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

The cups are awesome!

Unknown said...

So much good stuff in this post, designer pumpkins! Lovely ;)

xx Cristina

Fé... said...

Have a lovely weekend!

allergic to vanilla said...

so the baby in the chef's hat and mustache is just a tad crazy, no?

enjoy your Monday!

xo Carlina

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