Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is your desk slowly sucking the life out of you?

Isn't life too short and fabulous (Who am I kidding? Since when does fabulous constitute as...) to sit at a desk?
Well due to the fact that not everyone can be a celebrity... Once again who am I kidding?!! Can you say Snooki?

...and most of us have the same ol' 9 to 5's, it's quite important, if not vital for sanity, to have a little inspiration and not just your computer screen staring you in the face all the live long day.  Enter Color Me Katie.

 {A giant desktop scrapbook made of pictures, plane tickets, and maps from life outside of work!  Although for this one lucky gal some of it is her work.}

Don't you love what she's done with her table top? I see no good reason why any boss would protest a little baby collage. Perhaps you might be a little more inspired through out the day? Perhaps said desk might even bring a smile to your face as you type away instead of slowly trying to suck the life out of you.  What would you include on your desktop scrapbook? I would definitely have to include plane tickets from my globe trottin' adventures and plenty of silly photo opps!

{Via SnookiNicole and Color Me Katie}
yasmin said...

Thank for putting me on your blog ;) Being a celebrity is hard stuff yah know.

Jessica said...

I love that desktop scrapbook she has made. Fun and very inspirational. I've been considering hanging an inspiration board on the wall to the left of my desk since I'm spending so much time at work lately.

alison said...

I just set up a huge corkboard above my desk and am starting to fill it with little clippings of inspiration, it definitely brightens up my boring cube!

Bibi said...

Actually, I've never heard of Snooki before today :S I guess she doesn't run the European circuit :P

That's a really creative way of decorating the workspace... Wait, do I notice a €10 note? That's a lot of money to just paste on your desk o.O


I have an inspiration board right beside both of my desks. I need to be inspired every day :)

Jin said...

the desktop idea is genius!

allergic to vanilla said...

girl you hit the nail on the head, when you asked that little question!

hell yeh it is, but I might need more than an inspiration board ;)

xo Carlina

Roxy Te said...

Carlina- I hear ya girl! How about a free flowing tap of your favorite cocktail?
Bibi-I guess the European circuit doesn't consist of trash TV. The show is called Jersey Shore. It's a train wreck of a show, but so entertaining! Don't worry. You're not missing much!

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