Monday, November 29, 2010

Get your Gift on! | Nolita. Necessary.

 {The Pope Ring and Wedding Band by La Petite Princesse Love} 

With Black Friday in full swing and my Christmas shopping merely a thought, it was still most necessary to avoid SoHo like the plague! Instead I opted for strolling around lovely Nolita, walking in and out of cutesy boutiques while not having to bust it out Luda style and throw them bows just to get a deal. It was there that I stumbled across La Petite Princesse and instantly fell in love. The designer is known for her stunning, raw, sculptural pieces that are individually handmade and unique by nature. She draws her inspiration from such legendary artists as Mondrian and Warhol and my two fave picks above are under $100-perfect for the girl who loves bespoke pieces with bohemian flair!
20 YORK STREET said...

Oh wow! I love them too! I used to like more refined pretty things but now I tend towards raw metals, more asymmetry and things that are undone!

If only I can justify undone housework too! He he!

this free bird said...

Roxy!! These rings are gorgeous. I'm kind of feeling like the top one needs to find a home under my Christmas tree a la the bf's wallet. Uh-oh!


Bethany Dirksen said...

I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and thought I would say hello! I looked through a few of your posts and love your style. I love that this blog is an escape for you and a way to rediscover your true loves!

I'm a blogger as well, about the world of art, but my history is in interior design and fashion. I love to hear what people are saying! Hope we get to see more of each other in the future.


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

They are so pretty! Very nice!

Unknown said...

Oh Roxy! I LOVE these!! How fun..

xo-Tiffany @ delightfully chic

Fashion Forward Journal said...

I love the statement that the ring brings, and totally am in love with your vision of style.
You should check out and enter my holiday giveaway for a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag @ I believe the bag would be a great addition to your style if you win!!


Truly Smitten said...

I want.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oooo I want all of these rings!

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