Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Color Me Katie Kinda Day

The mulling spices were a simmer and the hot toddies toasty! Unwrapped prezzies awaited a glittery glam makeover! Bon appetit to brunch on my pretty Kate Spade china, in our pajamas we feasted and crafted to our hearts desire! We baked sugary treats to dole out to the neighbors and delighted in a day for two inspired by Color Me Katie!

We cut a Christmas tree out of craft paper and topped it with a star!
Then came ornaments galore!
And hearts too!

My best friend K and I on our Christmas "playday!"

Have you heard of Color Me Katie? She believes in cupcake sandwiches for breakfast and that life should be chock full of marvelous magic and frivolous fun! Don't you agree my lovelies? One sleep 'til Christmas Eve! Eeek!
ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i love color me katie! she is total inspiration to color and all things fun.

and what a fun date with a friend!!

merry christmas!!

Traveling Distances said...

What a fun play day to have with your friend! Your trees are lovely. Have a Merry Christmas!

raven said...

I keep hearing about Color Me I will definitely check the link out! I love crafting in a group, cupcakes AND frivolous fun too :)

Lovely blog btw!


Melissa said...

That's so cute, love it!

Sniff said...

Merry Christmas, Roxy! :)

thais said...

what a fun play date! you look adorable in your tee :)

Ash said...

This is too cute of an idea!!! Thanks for the great find!

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