Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Get Your Gift On | A Personal Portrait seriously worth 1,000 words

{Designer, fashion icon and stylist to the stars, Robert Verdi's Portrait. What would your "Ideal Bookshelf" say about you?}

"I paint people's ideal bookshelves: your favorite books, books that changed your life, books that made you who you are. Picking your ideal books is not an easy task (try it!), and the results are always enlightening. I think of this project as an intimate form of portraiture; a way to illustrate who the subject is on the inside instead of out." -Jane Mount, artist

This is my fave so far! Wouldn't this make for the most delightful surprise? Shame on those silly pre-packaged gift sets and electronic gizmos and gadgets! I say! Wouldn't you much rather find this under your tree than one of those silly whatchamacalit kindles?! Go on lovelies! Commission a bookish portrait of your most darling of darlings- they will shriek with excitement (or at least I would!) when they figure out why you pleaded and begged to play a game of what's your favorite!  I'm dying to know- what would your top three titles be?

p.s. "Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it." Especially if it's going to be immortalized in a painting! ;)

{To learn more about Jane, click here}
Beautifully Seaside // Formerly Chic Coastal Living said...

What a beautiful idea! My top books would be the Bible, The Purpose Driven Life and The Prayer of Jabez. :)

20 YORK STREET said...

Do you just blink and come up with these fantastic posts hun?

I'd say Oliver Twist for me to start with, Confessions of a Shoppaholic (don't judge me!) and... yet to find the third!



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Truly Smitten said...

oh my!!!!!! LOVE this idea! My definite top three: Pride and Prejudice (of course), Jane Eyre, and Le Petit Prince!!

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

LOVE this idea!! I'm wondering which books I would choose..too many to choose from!

ashley cooper said...

Hi, New(er) reader here! I am so in love with your blog! I think you have such interesting things to write about and I can't stop laughing! I like your blog so much I featured you on mine!!
xoxo have a great day!

Jaymie said...

Oh wow this is cool :)!
haha yeah a lot of snow here right now looks so pretty, currently sitting in the dark with tree lights on, eee.

ashley cooper said...

Roxy, Thanks for your kind comments. So that green bracelet (wonderful I know!) that was an early Christmas present from my husband this year! You will never guess from where and how much?! He got it at Nordstrom Rack for $11. It's Ralph Lauren. LOVE NORDSTROM RACK!!!!
Have a great day! xoxo

the southern hostess said...

These are so fun! I'd pick To Kill a Mockingbird, My Life in France, and Pride and Prejudice.

Roxy Te said...

Oh I love that you've all shared a few of your faves! My turn? Definitely a classic like Pride and Prejudice for good measure, Anne of Green Gables to satisfy the young girl at heart, and Restoring a House in the City for the grown up girl with big dreams :)

thais said...

what an incredible creative idea, love it! thx for sharing ;)

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