Monday, December 20, 2010

My First Giveaway! Save the date with Kate Spade!

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out the perfect giveaway for you my darling readers! You see your comments and emails truly make me giddy with excitement, and if I could I would send love to everyone single one of you! I searched high and low for a perfect fit and even turned down a few (you deserve only the best!) then finally decided to take matters into my own hands when I saw the delicious Kate Spade wall calendar! The product description seemed to be reminding me to "Live Sparkly!" and I just knew one of you, my loves, had to have it! Just in time for Christmas!

Here are the rules:
1. The giveaway is intended for one of my fabulous followers so if you're not one yet, join the club! If you are, be sure to let me know, as well as where I can reach you should you happen to have the golden ticket!
2. You must leave a comment telling me what's in your Cup of Te. I'm dying to know! pssst, get creative! I'll share this about you if you win! It can be as simple as all things that sparkle or Ladurée macaroons!
3. This is not necessary, but I'd be thrilled if you spread the love via FB or Twitter. If you do, just leave a comment letting me know, and you'll be good for another entry!

A winner will be chosen the day after Christmas and will receive their calendar just in time for the new year! Good luck, loves! x's and o's! Roxy
Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

This would be perfect for the new year! Def. the golden ticket! I'm a happy follower :) xo

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

hi roxy, what a cute giveaway! i am a follower and my cup of te is anything sweet- i've been on a sweets kick, probably from the holidays!
merry christmas!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Oh Roxy...what an awesome first giveaway and stylish way to bring in the new year! I will make sure to share!

xoxo- Tiffany

Jessie said...

Hi Roxy!
Love the giveaway. I would say my cup of te is simple. I am a sucker for classic and timeless. Cheers.

AubreyLaine said...

My Cup of te is sweet! :)

christine, just bella said...

How sweet, Roxy!

Anything Kate Spade is my cup of tea! Love!

*** said...

What an amazing giveaway. I am a huge fan of Kate Spade and my cup of te right now are my two adorable kids. Love being at home with them for the holidays.



What a fabulous giveaway, sweetie! I'm a follower and my cup of te is the holiday season :) xoxo

Kendall said...

hi roxy! thanks for finding me over at my blog...when you said you had a giveaway and a kate spade one - i had to enter.

my cup of te would be my wonderful friends and new suede pumps :)

xo kendall

this free bird said...

Very cool giveaway!! You know I'm a follower and my cup of te would currently be anything embroidered...I'm secretly a 75 year old lady :)


Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a great giveaway and in my cup of te is Christmas and all the amazing moments that come with it:)
happy Monday,sweetie

Natalie said...

Thanks so much for letting me know about this amazing giveaway (congrats on hosting your first one!) In my cup of family, a sequin cocktail skirt, and tons and tons of the Bing Crosby holiday station on Pandora.

ever ours said...

thanks for stopping by my blog, roxy! and definitely alerting me to this little giveaway! right up my alley and yes my cup of te!

my cup of te is very sparkly this year. i asked for the glitter tom shoes for xmas and i know i got them ;)

Sarah J said...

my cup of te is poppin' bottles with my bffs & RSK days!! love you sister friend! I can't wait to hear all about your cali adventures!

Kristen said...

thanks for your sweet commenst on my blog! what a lovely giveaway, gotta love kate spade! i'm now a follower. my cup of te is complete with my hubby, pup, & some vino!

Unknown said...

My "Cup of Te" is planning for things for me and my friends! From tailgates, to weekend mountain trips, to girls-day (mani's and brunch is my fave). I love planning and this calendar would be perfect for planning things in the New Year! XOXO

Anonymous said...

i'm a follower! :)
my cup of tea = a fresh can of tennis balls, the gulf of mexico, airport lights at night, my amazing husband, my retired greyhound and warm chocolate chip cookies! :)

Ann Jaclyn said...

Love this! :P

We both know what's in my cup of Te... Super sweet coffee... :)

Kate said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments today! I'm now a follower, and my cup of te is currently curling up on the couch beside my christmas tree! It's all I want to do! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

Unknown said...

In my cup of Te it's a two fold surprise,
Either champagne or vodka
To my mother's despise
A plate full of French macaroons and a golden spoon
The Harry Winston box beside this would make any girl swoon

With Polly Anna on my lap (she's my King Charles)
And big Cooper to my left (so cute he would make any dog snarl)
A handsome husband to my right
Who loves me with all of his might
Is the perfect completion to My Cup of Te
(Oh do send me on a Kate Spade shopping spree!)

Fifi Cheek

Taylor said...

I was just thinking that I really wanted one of these!!

My cup of tea:
French Macarons
finding new blogs
empowering women to smile and be confident

I will become a follower of all! xo

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

I'm a follower! My cup of tea holds green tea, macarons (also!), a good book, my daughter's smile!


Alicia Lund said...

Lovely giveaway - I love all things Kate Spade!! My teacup is cheetah print and I'm sipping vanilla or chai ;)

Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

Ooh how fun! What a great way to ring in the new year. :) AllSaints pom pom scarves, anything J.Crew, and Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner (for the perfect cat eye!) are my 'cup of tea' for 2010.

Happy holidays, lady - you rock!


Sarah said...

I love this calendar! My cup of tea= waking up in a sunshine-filled room, fresh flowers, summer days at the beach and a pink flute of bubbly to top it off!

Susan O'Bryant said...

Glad to be a new follower - your blog and style are adorable. Thanks for this great giveaway! My cup of te is a nice dinner out with my hubby followed by a trip to a bookstore.

A said...

Thanks for the comment - you should definitely see black swan, it was well worth it! In My Cup of Te are my friends and all the great times we had living together in a big old house at school!

joanna said...

I follow on bloglovin and love the blog! My cup of tea is definitely anything sparkly and chic

TZel said...

I have been crazy for homemade hot dark chocolate lately :)
following as bridgestranslation
bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com

Stefany said...

My cup of te is filled with pretty bows! I love bows. =]

Renee said...

Hello! I am a new follower! My cup of Te is a New Year bringing with it a fresh beginning and wonderful new ways to be creative!

Chloe said...

I'm a new follower - in LOVE with your layout! My cup of Te would have to be filled with vintage earrings...(and macaroons, now that you've got me thinking about them!) Yum!

chloe **

Kelsey Cunningham said...

I'm a new follower, your blog is awesome!! My Cup of Te is full of craft beers - I'm such a sucker for anything different. Happy Holidays!

Kelsey Cunningham said...

BTW, I also tweeted about it :)

Kellie's Camera said...

My cup of te contains golden sparkle sugar cubes..they start each day on the right note! :)

kellierosewilson AT hotmail DOT com

Kellie's Camera said...


kellierosewilson AT hotmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower. My cup of tea right now is two 'fresh out of the oven' cinnamon rolls a coworker made. Mmm mmm!

Brittany said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment, you're too sweet :)
This giveaway is so lovely! My cup of te is definitely green! I'm a huge eco-lover, and oh ya green tea is my drink of choice!

Thanks again :) Now following!

Unknown said...

I am a new follower:)

I would say my cup of te is my family...with a close second being a new pair of shoes:)

Courtney Erin said...

I'm delighted to find your blog -- and it's doubly fortunate that I'm in time for the giveaway. I'm following now and my cup of te is anything sequined (I'm a like a magpie with things that sparkle and shine).

xoxo ~ Courtney

thais said...

what a special gift! of course I am a follower and would love to own some kate spade :)
on my cup of tea you'll find amazing new friends like yourself while having some hot cocoa!

yasmin said...

OOoo there are a lot of fun Cups of Te!
Let's see...mine would have to be the fabulous strappy black booties I just got and if I don't find somewhere to wear them to soon then off to wal-mart in my sexy heel and sparkly mini skirt it is!
Also the amazing Brazilian Keratin treatment that I had done on my hair for FREE that makes my hair so amazing I look like Taylor Momsen. Not Cindy Lou Taylor but Gossip Girl Taylor (yes I am that sexy and blonde and tall for everyone reading this). Have an AMAZING Holiday!!

Ashley said...

My cup of te is full of thanks,
Veuve Clicquot and the inventor of spanx.
First big job this year so I need a Kate Spade calendar,
Did I mention I'm an avid follower?
I shared on facebook and did a lil tweet,
Incredibly thankful for my blog friends I meet.
The list continues with dark chocolate and Marley, my pup,
Silky tops & Gypsy sweats to sum it up!
Shall I win the giveaway on My Cup of Te,
I'm pretty sure you know where to find me!

Donde está Kat? said...

Rox, I am so excited that you are working on a blog. I must admit this blog is my guilty pleasure at work. I try to get Rex to dress like LT...we'll work on him!

Shannon said...

I've been a follower! And this giveaway is amazing...excellent choice for a prize. My cup of Te is Raspberry Lambic beer...

Kate Gene said...

That calendar is girly and pretty... I love it!

I follow you via GFC. Please enter me in this wonderful giveaway!


Kate Gene
kategeneblog at gmail dot com

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