Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Seoul Style Files of an American Expat | Scarf Steeze for Men

{Mr. Seoul Style File waiting for the bus!}

Remember my brother who lives in Seoul? Well he's back with some cold weather steeze. Growing up in a mini, often backwards, southern town many a man who dared wrap a scarf around his neck (you would've though it was a noose, never mind we were the only "chinky"-eyed around) would be subject to ridicule and smart ass remarks- Well, show 'em how it's done little bro! They wouldn't last for a second in Seoul! Check out Esquire for four ways to wear a scarf and for more inspiration see here and here.
Unknown said...

loooove the scarf on him!!

thais said...

what a great look! yay for men with style ;)

Gudrun and Iris said...

great pic, good looking man!!

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