Thursday, February 10, 2011


The latest and greatest typeface, Carter Sans, designed by Matthew Carter. Pretty fantastic, right? The featured quote also adds just a little more justification to my peacing out on the man. I'll take it.

To read the rest of the article head over to the NY Times Blog.
Anonymous said...

haha, LOVE it!


Roxy Te said...

Jo- I thought you would relate ;)

Sniff said...

I love it, too!

Btw, I read an older post you wrote about starting your own business. Congrats on the big step. How exciting!

Reg Rodriguez said...

great quote!! love the design too :)


theappletea said...

really lovely!!

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Ashley said...

I do love a good new font . . . and an amazing quote to go with it! Love it!

Happy weekend!


Deanna Pai said...

I love this -- so simple and pretty, especially in the grey/silvery shade. Have a lovely weekend, Roxy!

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