Friday, March 4, 2011

Good morning, Beautiful

Don't you love it when you wake up to absolutely beautiful things? I'm kicking myself because I lost the Etsy link to this landscape painting in the most beautiful color palette. It reminded me of some of the new J.Crew spring arrivals. On another note, my head is twirling about because it's finally Friday! What are your plans this weekend, darlings?
theappletea said...

so great!! amazing color btw


Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

That is a seriously gorgeous painting. Love it! Plans this weekend are to do some relaxing, hope you have a great one!

ashley nicole catherine said...

lovely!! love everything in the spring jcrew catalog. sigh.

i'm just looking forward to relaxing this weekend! happy friday!

ps - linked to you in my blog today :)


Deanna Pai said...

I love that painting! It could brighten up any room and is perfect for spring. And guh how have I missed the new J Crew spring catalogue?! Definitely have to track that down. I'm working on final papers all weekend and packing to go home for spring break -- so excited! Have the loveliest weekend, Roxy!

Anonymous said...

i'm obsessed with color right now in clothes, accessories, anything for my long as it's bright and happy! orange, pink, yellow, & turquoise. is it bad i want to wear them all at the same time!?
have a great weekend! i'm headed to the beach :)

KC said...

what a breathtaking painting! hopefully someone will post the link! Have a splendid weekend :)

Anonymous said...

such pretty colors!
glad to finally have a low key weekend without many plans ;) have a good one, roxy!


A Crimson Kiss said...

There's nothing better than something beautiful! For me, it was just how fluffy our down comforter was this morning-delicious!

As for this weekend, John and I are making an IKEA trip for some utilitarian dresser to hide in our third closet (this coming from a girl who a week ago shared just ONE)! Besides Danish furniture hell, brunch, napping and LOTS of catching up with my favorite blogs!

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