Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things I Need In My Life

Symmetry. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Is that weird?
Images from the home of Chicago blogger Bailey McCarthy in Rue

An air of whimsy and a sense of humor. If you have one or the other, we'll get along. But if you have both, watch out, I'll make sure of it that we become friends.

A walk-in closet? Okay, okay. I don't need this per se, but wouldn't you classify the word need as relative to the personal importance of the subject to the needer in question?

Aside from the fantastically fabulous Rue Issue #4 where I snatched up all these lovelies, what else do you need in your life?

p.s. I'm guest posting for the sweet Deanna at Mellow Fever today. She's in Puerto Rico (we shouldn't be jealous which I'm mostly saying to myself) so I stopped by to say hello to her readers!
Michaela said...

I would love a walk in closet too! I can dream!

Unknown said...

Love the issue from Rue! Great photos, very inspiring:-)

The Iconic Blog said...

I loved that feature in Rue as well. I am quite a fan of symmetry too. I think we can all appreciate a little balance in our lives.:) xx


Jessie said...

Bailey's blog is one of my favorites! Her house was so amazing. I love her style.

Mandy said...

This was my favorite part of the new Rue issue! Talk about an amazing closet!!

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