Thursday, April 7, 2011

Magazine Motivation

Sara Tuttle invites us into to her home. I adore her eclectic style!
So many helpful tips from "closet organizer to the stars" Melanie Fascitelli. If only one of these were mine!
Featured interiors by a fave Mary McGee

Let's be honest, life isn't always perfectly styled. Often my mail is piled up on my pretty desk and it's quite the norm to trip on a pump or two while trying to get into my closet. Perhaps this is why I love magazines so? All the perfectly pretty vignettes make me smile and think maybe one day, one day. :) For now, I'll settle for a long overdue visit to my hair stylist and a mani/pedi!

To see more, check out the latest High Gloss. It's packed full of drool-worthy eye candy that will make you want to get your life together!
things that sparkle said...

I feel the same way. These magazines give me so much good motivation/make me feel a little bad about my reality!

thais. said...

no kidding! I keep trying to scape to have some wonderful magazine time just so I c an dream about the day my home will look just like those. :)

Amber said...

I LOVE that closet. One day I WILL have one of those. Megan has one about that size, but I promise it doesn't look as amazing! Many pumps and clothes are tripped over while walking in there.

KC said...

Ooooh! Can't wait to check this out!

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