Tuesday, February 5, 2013

28 Days of Things I Love: Sleepwear

Easy little nighties are my most favorite to wear to bed (post wedding, remember? ;) so long as it's not subzero degrees out, in which case, you will find me in a really sexy combination of sweats, hiking socks, and worn long sleeve tees. 




On a semi-related note, will you be scooping up anything special for Valentine's Day? We don't really celebrate it and Alan prefers I sleep in scrubby ol' tees anyways, so silly! I think it could be fun to do a nightie exchange with the girls, with lots of wine and chocolates, of course. What do you think? Would you come over? :)
Unknown said...

um GREAT idea! - never thought of that!

meghan silva said...

a nightie exchange is a brilliant idea , sounds like a blast.


Naked Princess said...

Thanks for featuring our chemise! Your blog is lovely.

Julia D. said...

That's a really fun idea! Girls seem to be the ones who appreciate that stuff more anyway.

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