Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Perfect Summer Sweater

The dolman sleeve sweater...might as well call it a blanket in my book.  Not always ideal for winter (where do those bat wing like sleeves go when the winter puffer goes on?) but so perfect for cooler months and even summer when layers aren't mandatory for life. This marled grey version is so lightweight, loung-y, and soft that it would be perfect for say a 36 hour voyage (!) hopping from chilly plane to chilly plane. You can find me in coach, but no worries, I'll be all cozied up in my blanket slash sweater.

And because we are always doing something ridiculous around here, Mom and I discovered that one day (if) it will also double as a maternity wear. Proven by the largest watermelon I have ever bought at Wal-Mart. Money in the bank y'all.

{Photography by Lawrence Te | Nasty Gal Static Knit Sweater | Watermelon pic by Mom}

Amber said...

Awesome post! Love it ;)

Anonymous said...

haha! the last picture is the best!

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