Saturday, March 20, 2010


Remember that cold, rainy day back in February, when our little groundhog friend served us with the news that we were in for 6 more weeks of winter?! Well, now we no longer have to daydream in pastels and delicious Dior ads! Punxsutawney Phil, I hope you stop and smell the roses today- the time has come to welcome Spring!
Cheers to a lovely weekend darlings!
Andee said...

You always find the best picture Rox. Have a great Saturday :)

Heart Charlie said...

YES!! I am so happy that the warm weather is finally paying us a visit :) Because of the new job I have not been able to blog quite as often, but I loved your comment, it made me smile and feel happy!! YES YES get those oxfords!! I visited the link you sent and I think they would look LOVELY on you!! You won't believe how amazingly comfortable oxfords are ;) Also here is another great pair that I love, I recently used them for a photoshoot I worked on!,default,pd.html?cgid=2891439&itemNum=14&variantSizeClass=&variantColor=MEDBRSU

Punctuation Mark said...

love spring... loved it even more on my trip to DC and getting to see all the blossoms!

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